Thursday, 5 July 2012

AirAsia Chrome

Jeng jeng.... ha kome melalu FB Air Asia telah memperkenalkan satu aplikasi terbaru.. meh aku copy paste je le ye.

Hey guys, have you download our AirAsia Chrome app at http s:// ? If you love the awesome cool app, then surely you’ll love the brand new function that we’ve added in – The “Discover” button!

Making flight bookings easier, the Discover button allows you to search for available flight options based on your preferred budget! Fans of Angry Birds game will be thrilled with Angry Birds Heikki’s version which is dedicated to AirAsia Caterham F1 driver, Heikki Kovalainen!

Remember to check out the ‘Discover’ button, play the Angry Birds Heikki and ‘Share’ it with your friends! :D

 ha tu dia siap boleh main game Angry birds lagi hikhikhik

Ha tu dia kome, ce kome clik  emang best le senang mudah n cepat, biase le nak merebot tambang murah ni harus le cepat n pantaskan, Klu kome tekede kedek alamat tinggal le kome xde le yg murah tinggal yg mahal je le wajab nye.. So untuk sesiape yg suke megepak cam aku, but buget boleh le gune kan chome air asia ni cepat n mudahkan... 

Bye.. selamat berhujung minggu....

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